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  • 1bedroom unit
    1 bedrooms 2 movers and truck $109/hr

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  • Our Movers Kitchener follow the Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers.
  • Our Movers specialize in studio apartment,  house, rearranging furniture, and household moving.
  • All our residential moving services are insured according to industry standards and additional insurance is available.
  • Your movers Kitchener comes with professional movers,  well equipped moving trucks, and furniture protectors.
  • Why move yourself when you can hire our professional Movers, even the least important household items are treated as gold.
  • We are one of the best moving companies  Kitchener therefore we are proud to be one Movers in Kitchener.
  • Emergency moving services, /movers who can move now.
  • Got a uhaul and need movers? We can help you with your u-haul to load and unload or even drive the uhaul.

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Small Quick Moves/ Last Minute Moving OK. Book Now

Here is how we are moving Kitchener and the surrounding area everyday.

  • Home delivery( You buy anything from any store or individual and our movers will deliver).
  •  In-house Furniture moving(Our Movers can move or rearrange your household items).
  • Loading and Unloading pods or containers.
  • Last minute movers or deliveries.
  • Moving companies Kitchener Wateroo who specialize in small moves.
  • Movers only services

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Home Delivery Solutions Available. Book Now

As the population in Kitchener is growing we have noticed the increase in home delivery, especially in the retail and online stores not counting out kijiji however Movemasters delivery crews are always ready to deliver for you when you make your purchase.

  • Kijiji deliveries
  • Ikea deliveries
  • Hardware store deliveries
  • E-commerce Delivery Kitchener Waterloo
  • Appliance Delivery
  • Furniture delivery
  • Last mile delivery company
  • Light truck load/LTL
  • Local skid logistics($50/local delivery/2 skids)

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Moving Services Waterloo

Waterloo movers who are helping families with their moving services in Waterloo so if you have a uhaul in Waterloo, room to room moving service, or need  Waterloo house movers Movemasters moving services Waterloo will help.


Movemasters moving serviceWhy Movemasters?

We are LOCAL movers hence our customers know that Movemasters will get the move done anytime anywhere safely and on time that being said its good to know that we are around the corner when you need that quick last minute move completed and finally Movemasters is safe, convenient, and reliable. See our FAQs page


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Just give us a quick call  we might be in your area for your move or if you want to book a move for later.

Our Moving services Are Local

Our moving services are within reach Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge hence this gives us the advantage of giving free in-house estimates and quick asap moving services when requested.


Movers You Will Like

Movers who are friendly and professional is what all customers want, Movemasters has the right movers in Kitchener and also Movers available Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge.


Furniture Moving Made Easy

If you are planning on furniture moving and just dont have the muscle,  Movemasters can help its part of what we do therefore call us all in all what can you lose.


Apartment Moving Done On Time

Apartment moving with us is made smooth that ensures elevators are ready and scheduled properly, however Movemasters has the right tools are used for apartment moving.

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