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  • 1bedroom unit
    1 bedrooms 2 movers and truck $109/hr

 Moving Services.

Movemasters follows the Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers, so whether you are moving from a studio apartment to an entire home we do it all at affordable moving rates. All our moves are insured according to industry standards and additional insurance is available. Your moving service comes with professional movers,  well equipped moving trucks, and furniture protectors . Why move yourself when you can hire our  moving help, even the least important household items are treated as gold. Movers Kitchener ready to serve. We have the best moving services kitchener.

Small Quick Moves/ Last Minute Moving.

Here is how we are moving Kitchener and the surrounding area everyday.

  • Home delivery( You buy anything from any store or individual and we will deliver).
  •  In-house Furniture moving(We can move or rearrange your household items).
  • Loading and Unloading pods or containers.
  • all-of-a-sudden moves.
  • Last minute moves or deliveries.
  • Back problems, our movers can help.

Call us now for moving help if any of the above applies.

Home Delivery Services

Whether you bought anything from the store or kijiji we have movers ready to help you move. Movemasters is always looking for home delivery contracts. So if you are a Kitchener resident  wanting to move always know that Movemasters is the right moving company for the job.

Kitchener Movers Ready To Move .

Whether you have planned your move or it is a last minute move, Movemasters is always ready to move. Call us now or get an instant quote

Movemasters Has All Your Moving Solutions.

All our moving trucks come well equipped with moving dollies, hand trucks, moving blankets, floor protectors, and furniture protectors. Our movers are neat, polite, and professional movers who care.

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